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What we offer

A new, fun-filled and interactive book-creating experience for kids. We believe that your child deserves to enjoy the process of creating their personalized book as much as they enjoy the wonder of reading the final product.

What makes us different

When creating a personalized story book for someone, don't settle for a book with just their name or a barely recognizable avatar. Choose a better experience where the child's cartoonized photo is throughout the book and they design parts of the story. Choose Spin Me a Tale.

Why Choose Spin Me a Tale

Play interactive games

Kid playing online games - Spin Me a Tale Personalized kids books

Your child will play fun and educational games that guide them through the story line. Your child will see their face or creations in the games they play.

Customize your story

Child dressed as pirate - Spin Me a Tale Personalized kids books

Our interactive games allow your child to customize parts of the story. For example, in the treasure hunt story, children dress themselves up as a pirate.

Enjoy Reading

Children reading their customized stories on personalized books - Spin Me a Tale

Your child will enjoy reading, re-reading and sharing a high quality, hardcover storybook where they see themselves as the hero in the story.

See what you can create

Personalized Book for your kid - Spin Me a Tale

What Our Customers Say About Us

"My son loved seeing his face on every page; I loved the memories we made adventuring through his story." - Sonia (Kansas City)

"The process of creating the book is very quick,fun and interactive. Both my three year old and five year old enjoyed the process completely." - Emily (San Francisco)

"My kids love seeing themselves in their personalized books. They read them again and again and its a nice keepsake to have for them." - Stephanie (Chicago)